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Solvent Purification System
Korea Kiyon offers the safest, fastest and easiest way to dispense ultra pure solvents.
Korea Kiyon SPS systems provide laboratories with unique safety features and benefits, specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer.
The Korea Kiyon Solvent Purification System operates by way of solvent storage vessels being pressurized through an inert gas supply (Typically a nitrogen source of 99.99% purity or better).

The best alternative to thermal distillation method
Remove oxygen and water from flammable solvents safely, easily and quickly
Provide high purity and anhydrous solvent
No cross diffusion of solvent vapors, thus eliminating cross contamination of solvent
Color coded quick connector valve and solvent valve
Replace used column with new one readily
Retractable grounding clamp for removing hazards of electro static discharge
Glovebox integration
All solvents can be dispersed simultaneously
Purify up to 800 liters of solvent(ACS or better grade) before replacement or regeneration

Model KK - SPS
Type 3 type(standard), up to 7 type
External Dimention 680 mm (D) x 770 mm (W) x 1980 mm (H) (standard)
System Control Manual
Material Stainless steel
Working gas Argon or Nitrogen(99.99% or better)
Working Pressure 5 - 10 psig
Column Type Dual column per solvent(1set)
Column Material Stainless steel
Column Packing Material Depend on solvent type
Column Size 3.25 L
Purification Capacity per Set Up to 800 liter (ACS or better solvent grade)
Features 18L, Stainless steel, Pressure Valve, Fill Port(10L, optional)
Solvent Receiving Flask
Features 250 mL, 1 side arm, 24/40(standard)
Vacuum Pump
Perfomance High chemical resistant,-750mmHg(max)
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