Thermal Evaporator
Single chamber Sliding Door Type

    Model : KESD 170 - 2M2O (4P)

    Model : KESD 170 - 2M2O (2P)


    Kiyon offers customized Thermal Evaporator system integrated with its in-house designed Glovebox provides suitable for various applications.
    Process Chamber Dimension


    Sample Size

    Piece to Max 170mm * 170mm Glass

    Chamber Ultimate Pressure

    Below than 3.0 x 10-7 Torr

    Chamber Working Pressure

    Below than 5.0 x 10-6 Torr within 30 Minutes

    Film Thickness Uniformity

    <+/-5% within 170mm * 170mm Glass

    Front Door for Sample Loading & Source Refill In Glovebox Condition
    Rear Side Door for Chamber Maintenance & Cleaning (Without Destroying The Condition of The Glovebox)
    System Fully Automation Control by PC Control Available
    System Semiauto Control & Manual Control by PLC Based Touch Control (10.5“ Touch Panel) :
    Auto Pumping, Auto Venting, Auto System Shut Down
    Auto Deposition Control & Co-deposition Process Available
    Sample Heating (Up to 300 ℃) / Cooling ( Down to 5 ℃ ) Available

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